GORUCK Ruck Club

Representing the Central IL Rucking Community

What is GORUCK???

Great question! We’ll break this down into pieces.  Lets start with a ‘ruck’.  A ruck is simply walking around with a backpack on a hike.  In the military, rucking consists of carrying your pack of all your belongings and equipment from one place to another.  For civilians, rucking has really taken off as a way to ‘spice up’ a boring walk and a way to burn more calories.  A brisk ruck can burn up to 3 times as many calories as taking a normal, unweighted walk.  Rucking is often referred to as ‘Ruck Walks’ or ‘Ruck Marches’.

Next, lets talk GORUCK.  GORUCK was founded by a former Green Beret, Jason McCarthy, following his time serving our country to bridge the military-civilian gap.  They started out building military grade gear in a market flooded with lesser quality products.  Later they added their GORUCK events, challenges based on special forces training.  The challenges offered vary from 4 hour ‘light’ (10lb-30lb) to a 24+ hour ‘heavy’ (20-30lb) designed push you both mentally and physically.

GORUCK Challenge

What does it mean to be a Ruck Club?

Previously named ‘GORUCK Firebase’, a ‘Ruck Club’ provides support for the GORUCK community and all ‘ruckers’ in our rural area of Central Illinois.  As an official GORUCK Ruck Club, participants here at NLFS will get special discounts on GORUCK gear and events.  We will also be holding special workout programs to help prepare for these events.  Local challenges are held in Chicago, Springfield, and St. Louis.  Our goal is to build a group of ruckers in our area and eventually be able to bring an official event to the Peoria area.

No Limit Fitness Studio | NLFS CrossFit was selected by GORUCK to be a local ruck club for central Illinois ‘ruckers’ and to help build the community in our area.  We organize local rucks throughout the year to both build the local presence and in general, exhibit alternative fitness methods to get more people active. We held our inaugural Veterans Day Ruck on Nov 11th with a 4 mile hike down Peoria St in Washington, IL.

Add a ruck training to your workout..

Ready to show you have No Limit?  Throw in a rucksack and take a mile hike before your daily workout.  Want more?  Keep on the rucksack during the workout!  Rucksacks are a great way to add more weight to push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.  You can even get creative and use them for swings and dead-lifts too!