The Myth of The Personal Summer Fitness Plan

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The Myth of The Personal Summer Fitness Plan

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      It’s a GREAT time of year! School is almost out, the sun is making a comeback (at least as much as it can in Illinois), and we’re now to the point that you can go outside without having to throw on five different layers. We love it at No Limit Fitness Studio/NLFS CrossFit because we can take our clients and members outside, so a whole new world of workouts is available. There is something that happens every year around this time, however, that drives fitness professionals absolutely mad. That is what I like to call the “Personal Summer Fitness Plan”.

What is the Personal Summer Fitness Plan?

      Basically, this is what people think they are going to do to stay in shape over the summer. Since the weather’s nicer there’s more opportunity to do things outside, and a good percentage of people plan on being more active over the summer months. Since you can actually go outside without freezing to death now, it’s feasible to think you’ll be heading out to do hikes, biking, more running, etc. Not to mention you can throw in a few things you’ve learned at the gym…right?

Is a Personal Summer Fitness Plan a bad thing?

      In theory, no. I highly encourage everyone to get out more often and hike, bike, trail run, and overall be more active! Especially since we don’t get all that much time here in Central Illinois. You’ve been putting in hard work at the gym to improve your fitness, now is a great time to use it!

Then why does the it drive fitness professionals nuts?

      Because it is NEVER followed through on! And let’s be honest, it’s not really a plan from the get-go. There are great intentions by most folks to get out and be more active, but when it comes down to it making plans to hike when factoring in any travel time, the time it takes to do the hike, and any supplies you may need it’s pretty tough to get out and do it more than once or twice a week (if that). Then you start to miss a few hikes/bikes/runs and the tendency is to get complacent. Next thing you know your outdoor activities end up being grilling out while smashing a 24 pack of lite beer.

      Even if you do follow through on some of your outdoor fitness plans, you’ll be missing a lot of important parts of fitness that we work on constantly. For example, there’s not much in the way of hiking/biking/running etc. that is going to help your squat. In the last blog we talked about intensity, and it’s easy to think you’ll get to the same level of intensity while being active outside. But exercising outside is usually more of an endurance activity, so the intensity isn’t going to be as high.

So should I just plan on not taking advantage of the nice weather?

      Absolutely you should take advantage of the weather. Getting outside is great for your overall health and wellbeing. It should be part of a fitness plan, however, and not the only plan. Think of back to when you first started at No Limit Fitness Studio and how tough some of the new exercises we made you do were. Now a lot of those exercises and movements are almost second nature to you as you improve your fitness level. I want you to continue to improve your fitness level through the summer months while enjoying the outdoors. That way when we get back to our typical polar vortex months you aren’t starting from the beginning again!