Five Tips on How to Get Double Unders

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Five Tips on How to Get Double Unders

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            Ah the ‘ol Double under. A simple concept, the jump rope passing under your feet twice in one jump, that is extremely difficult to master. If you’ve been coming in to our CrossFit classes recently, you’ll notice we’ve been working on them more. Why is that? Well, to be perfectly honest, we as a gym are not good at them! Between working on them more, and the following tips, WE WILL GET BETTER!

        Tip 1. Get a Rope in Your Hands Often

            One of the best things you can do to get better at something is do it a LOT. I’m talking on the daily here. Finish the workout early? Great, grab a rope. Have an extra 5 minutes after class? Awesome, ropes are on the wall. Double unders are all about timing, and to get better at timing you HAVE to constantly be working on it. Abe and I are pretty good at double unders, but we still work on them often all the time!

            Tip 2. Buy a Rope

            A problem a few of us run in to, especially in that 5am class, is that we run out of the ropes cut to your height. You might even be one of the few who needs a special rope since God forgot to have you stop growing at 6ft. Point is, if you have your own personal rope, this won’t be a problem. We can size it perfectly for you, so you can practice with the same rope every time! Then you can take the rope home with you and work on it when you have a free minute. Also, we have extra Rogue ropes that we sell. So if you’re serious about getting double unders, see me (Zach)!

            Tip 3. Practice Before AND After a Workout

            This ties in a little with the first tip, but you should be trying double unders while warming up and when you’re tired after a workout. Reason being that many times people only practice when they’re fresh, so when they get into the middle of a workout and are experiencing some fatigue their timing gets off. You need to be ready to make some adjustments mid workout.

            Tip 4. Listen to Your Rope

            When trying to get double unders most of us need all the help we can get. Bringing in an extra sense (hearing) helped me immensely when I was first learning double unders. If you listen to your rope, you will start to hear whether you have the right speed and tempo. Once you have done this enough, you can accurately predict whether or not you will have a successful attempt!

            Tip 5. Watch Yourself

            You all know how much I love the mirror, but in this case we can use it to help us out. When you watch yourself attempt double unders you will see glaring errors that are tough to feel when you’re learning. Sometimes one hand is higher then the other, others your hands are spreading out too far, or maybe you’re doing a donkey kick (my personal favorite). When you see this happening it’s a little easier to correct!