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The NLFS Story

-How did we get started?

No Limit Fitness Studio came to be when our founders decided that a gym should be more than a room filled with machines and a schedule of automated classes. After seeing countless new members come through the doors of a typical gym receive no guidance, no attention, and no results, we decided to take action.

We opened No Limit Fitness Studio on November 1, 2017 with a pull-up/squat rig, new barbells and weights, and a mission to help improve the lives of our clients. We started training people One-on-One and in small groups with several different programs and, after tweaking them and gathering feedback from our clients, we settled on the most effective ones that we continue to improve.

-What we believe

No Limit Fitness Studio is about our members, plain and simple. We want YOUR goals to be met, we want YOU to have fun, we want YOU to live a better life! We believe that we are your gym, and that your gym is a place you want to be in, not a place you dread going to.

Every single person who comes in to No Limit Fitness Studio is coached. We don’t waste your time with fads or gimmicks that will be gone in six months. If it won’t help you, we won’t do it. We are here to improve your life by providing coaching and training programs that we know will lead to real results.

We know that EVERYONE will enjoy their time with us. Not just because we have great coaches and great training, but because our members help make our gym great!

Where we’re going

As we continue to grow, we’ll add more events, specialized programs, more options to access the gym, and more opportunities to work with your favorite coaches. Here at No Limit Fitness Studio, the status quo is never sufficient — we are always looking for new ways to make help you become the best version of yourself!

About NLFS

NLFS Trainers

Trainer - Gene

Zach Phillips

Gym Manager | Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Training Experience: 5 Years
Qualifications: L2 CrossFit Trainer, Bachelor Degree in Human Performance and Physical Education
Professional Goals: Improve the health and movement of every person who comes to No Limit Fitness Studio | NLFS CrossFit.  Educate members on the benefits of functional movement and build their understanding of how to move better throughout their lives.
Personal Goals: Compete in CrossFit competitions at least 3 times per year, and stand on the podium at one competition

L2 CrossFit Trainer - Zach

Darcie Phillips

Certified Trainer|Nutrition Specialist


Instructor - Dericka

Abe O’Keeffe



Nutrition - Darcie

Gene Kapelson

Certified Trainer

Gene started working out in 2005 and after moving to SIUe in 2009 he decided to get certified as a personal trainer to help other people reach their goals and how to move right.  Gene enjoys bodybuilding and helping people lift heavy weight correctly.  He has been personal training for 9 years now.  His greatest accomplishment training was helping a client lose 200lbs over a two year period.  Gene brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team here at No Limit Fitness Studio.

Our Mission

No Limit Fitness Studio Inc | NLFS CrossFit provides personal and group training classes focusing on proper form and movement.  Our team of passionate, experienced trainers are dedicated to providing the necessary mix of camaraderie and accountability to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.  Our goal: Utilized Memberships